our story

Honestly, we got into this for a simple reason - we were tired of bad candles.  They look pretty, but don’t smell.  They smell good, but weren’t our vibe.  They smell good, but had harmful ingredients.  We thought there had to be another way.  And we dove into creating kk lume.  It started for our homes, and now can be brought to yours.


After much testing and months and months of work (turns out we had some free time in 2020 to stay home) - we found the perfect trio.  Natural creamy, virgin coconut wax, a correctly sized all cotton braided wick, and the proper dosage of clean phlatatate free fragrance oil make up our kk lume candles.  Our goal was to fill the room with fragrance, and our candles deliver.


As pilot wives, we have a shared love of travel. When we started candle making we were inspired by how much scent was tied to memory and we knew we wanted to make travel a center of our business. Every candle we create is designed with a destination in mind. We hope that each lume will remind you of your last trip or inspire you for your next.


But we didn’t stop there.  We felt a strong need to give back through kk lume.  Each quarter we choose a new charity and give $1 per candle.  We have helped large and small charities, local and National.    Our candles are also responsibly and sustainable packaged, including dust covers that are made of wildflower seeds!  It’s the little things!


We hope you love kk lume candles as much as we love making them.